The Many Wonderful Ways To Practice Intuitive Eating! 


(The Calorie Counter)

    I was so uncomfortable in my own skin that I always took a selfie from my neck up or stood behind my husband and friends with my pants partially unzipped, relieving the bulge in my belly.

     So I decided to become an obsessive calorie counter to bring my big belly down. I memorized every calorie for every food and drink that passed my lips. Needless to say, I had a hard time wanting to let the calorie counting go to become an Intuitive Eater, especially after I started losing some weight.

     But a suggestion I got from The Health Coach Is In was to stay in my comfort zone counting calories and then one day a week, just one day, set myself free and allow myself to eat whatever my heart desired and whatever my body needed, with no guilt, feelings of remorse or counting calories.

     She said, just practice the skills and the principles of I.E. and eat only when I’m truly hungry, be mindful of what I’m eating and stop when I’m just beginning to feel my full sensation.

     I thought I’d give it a try, so I purchased this program and loved it! In just a few weeks I added two more days a week, then three, four and five until my calorie counting drifted off entirely and I was practicing Intuitive Eating every day, living within the confines of true hunger, joy and satisfaction.

     No more counting those calories! I now respond to my body’s hunger and fullness cues instinctively and eat just the right amount to stay healthy, slim and at my ideal size.

     My mood is elevated, my health is improved, my energy is back, my joints hurt a lot less and I finally lost the weight I wanted to lose (39lbs) and I'm keeping the weight off around my belly! A highly recommended program.

                          Thank you!



(The Dieting Guru)

      I was actually on NutriSystems when I started practicing Intuitive Eating. Dyan (The Health Coach Is In) and I met a little over 2 years ago.

     I told her back then, that I had just started the NutriSystems diet and I was beginning to lose weight. She then asked me, if I would practice Intuitive Eating while I was on the program. I said, “What? Be on two programs at the same time?”

      She said, “Just practice the principles of Intuitive Eating. Select the NutriSystems meals you would love to enjoy and then eat them when you are truly physically hungry, be mindful of what you're eating and then stop when you are satisfied and about 75% full."

      I said “Hmm okay, I could probably practice that” and I did, along with chewing, breathing and stress avoidance during mealtimes, which I never did before because I was always dining at my desk, while working.

    Practicing Intuitive Eating while on the NutriSystems diet, stopped my emotional eating and reconnected my body and me. I've kept my weight off (2 years and counting), erased horrible eating habits, destructive beliefs and I'm now taking better care of me!

     I.E. is a wonderful way to lose weight naturally or it can work with other programs, as well. If you practice Intuitive Eating while on other plans like, paleo, keto, vegan, weight watchers, south beach etc, believe me, you’ll have a much greater chance in maintaining your weight-loss efforts when you come off your diet program.

     I know I would have re-visited NutriSystems many times over, if I hadn’t practiced, along with the program, the freedom of Intuitive Eating!

           Thank you coach!



(The Sugar Addict)

     About 5 years ago, my neighbor and I went to an Intuitive Eating workshop in our area. We got in touch with listening to our bodies and loved the peace and freedom we had around food. Both of us released more weight on that program than any other program either of us had ever been on…. and there had been a lot.

      As time went by, my neighbor (Maggie) continued to stay at her goal weight and loved her new Intuitive Eating way of living. I however began to slowly gain my weight back and couldn’t stop eating when I was satisfied and comfortably full, anymore.

     There was, what seemed like, a ZOMBIE in my brain that morphed me into an entirely new sort of beast that wanted to control me and take me over, so I just started stuffing my face, once again. And that’s when I realized I had a sugar and possibly a white flour addiction, but sugar was my main drug of choice!

     Then one day, I found this Intuitive Eating program that had a bonus section on sugar and flour addiction and the solution that helps put an end to it. So I decided, again to try it and boy am I glad I did, because it’s really helped me!

     I’m now back to losing weight and being the Intuitive Eater that I loved, only this time I’m cutting out the white flour and sugar and some other addictive foods, and learning how to exchange them with alternatives that give me just as much happiness, pleasure and comfort.

     My obsession from food is lifted, once again! I go to parties, family events and dine out and eat the foods I love and still lose weight.

     In fact, I still can't believe I can eat the foods I love and still continue to lose weight, but that's what's happening and that's what I'm doing. It's a lot more about how you eat and not just what you eat and you will learn this in this wonderful program.

     My health and everything else in my life has changed for the better and I now truly feel UNSTOPPABLE! If you have food addictions you'll need some restrictions, but you can still live the wonderful life of an Intuitive Eater.

     P.S. If you're also a binger, like I was, this program will teach you the skills to end those binges, far beyond go take a walk, a hot bath or call a friend. You won't be disappointed.

     Thank you Health Coach Is In for writing this program.


     Nudge your way out of your comfort zone and end your uphill battle with food and your weight. Life is too short to keep counting calories, weighing yourself obsessively or spending hours at a gym doing workouts you hate. Free yourself from the bondage of emotional eating, weight struggles, poor body image and a whole lot more.

     Dyan here (The Health Coach Is In) inviting you to take a look at my program 18-DAYS TO MASTER THE 'FREEDOM' OF INTUITIVE EATING. It is a $29 (limited time) amazing program that many people have gone through with much success.

     You get daily action steps that guide you through ditching the diet mentality and learning how to be more of an Intuitive Eater, plus a very effective Bonus Series that can definitely help you get there.


      you have ME to email whenever you need someone to help you take those action steps and succeed.  

     There is so much freedom for you on the other side, so I hope you will take a moment to look at this program. It's available to anyone around the world and you can purchase it at anytime.