Are You Flexible or Brittle?
Tuesday, November 05, 2019
By Health Coach Is In....
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     Hey there, Dyan here (The Health Coach Is In) to talk to you about being flexible or brittle when you're in hot pursuit to reach your goals.

     It's a YouTube video I saw by Susan Pierce Thompson, who wrote the book Bright Line Eating, the science of living happy, thin & free, and I thought it was a great topic to talk about to help you aim for those healthy goals.


     When you set your goals (eating healthy, exercising, losing weight, meditating, becoming an Intuitive Eater, finding a spiritual path), whatever they may be, are you FLEXIBLE with those goals or are you BRITTLE?

     When you have a structured plan in place and you fall off that plan, will you be 'brittle' and fall off for good? Or will you be 'flexible' and get right back on?


     A person with a BRITTLE structure will set themselves up to walk for 30 minutes every morning and if they miss just one day of walking, they'll feel like their entire plan is demolished and they'll dump their goal and start it all over on another day.... another week.... or never EVER!

      If you have a FLEXIBLE structure and you go off your plan, you realize that the time you've already spent pursuing your goal was already 'cash in the bank' (so to speak). You see the BIG picture of the progress you've already made. With this thinking, you get back on track and continue on to reach your target goal.

     As Susan Pierce Thompson pointed out, there’s no benefit to being perfect in reaching your goals. There's a benefit in being consistent (80%-90%) with your goals, which gets you practicing new habits, but no benefit in being perfect, so why even strive for it.

     So drop the 'brittle perfectionism' and set your plans to attain your goals 80%-90% and accept that the other 10%-20% you may fall off the wagon. But that's okay, because you'll get right back on.

     If you know you can still reach your goal 80%-90% of the time, it will make it easier for you to get back on your path when you've fallen off, and you'll notice how much calmer and relaxed you'll be using a flexible structure to attain your healthy goals.



     Because there's no research anywhere that shows you can reach your goals faster if you don't ever fall off and get back on, even a few times. Of course, you don't want to get on the merry-go-round of getting off and on, but having a flexible structure (when you do fall off) can reduce those guilt feelings and keep you moving forward to your desired goal.

     So create a flexible structure when setting up your goals such as, "I'll stay on my healthy eating regime 5 days this week and drink 6 glasses of water, daily.” Or "I'll walk or run 3 days this week." Or "I'll go to church with my neighbor once this month." Express these goals to a friend, a co-worker or to ME, so it keeps you accountable to your flexible goals.

      In other words, TWEAK your new goals don't abandon them forever!

    And don't be hard on yourself if you do mess up on your way to your goal. Look at the big picture, like you did on DAY 14 and WEEK 4 in....


and know that whether it's 90%, 80% or even 70% structured, it's going to get you 100% there!

     Being hard on yourself only makes you feel worst. Being gentle, flexible and self-compassionate is the way to get to your goals.


With Love & Health


The Health Coach Is In

Are you Flexible or Brittle?

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