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Saturday, August 18, 2018
By Health Coach Is In....
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     "If you want to be the road-runner of fitness then you've got to get moving, using Correct Form," so my fitness trainer kept telling me. It wasn't until I finally gave her a break and started listening to her words and performed my exercises with proper form that I found out it really does make a difference.

     Hi, Dyan here (The Health Coach Is In) to share with you a little bit about what I learned on how to get PROPER FORM in a workout to make it more effective.


Then let me explain:

     Correct form simply means using the muscles that you're working to do the movement and not swinging around like a monkey, jumping, bouncing using no form at all, which doesn't do much to change your body. Correct movement will be the difference between a crappy workout and an effective one.

     Exercise is not about going through the motions every day, day in and day out. It's about using movement to change your body and the only way to do this, is to apply correct FORM, CONTROL and EXTENSION to every move you make.

     Have you ever noticed (at the gym) how most people on machines, are slouched over, huffing and puffing way beyond their cardio-endurance, not in oxygen, not burning fat?


That's Not What We Want!

     What we want is to get as much as we can out of our workouts and the only way to do this is to be aware of BASIC GOOD FORM and apply it every time we move.


Let's start with the most popular MACHINE:

(The Treadmill aka Dreadmill)

FIRST: Put down your book or phone and get on the machine and stand up.

SECOND: Lift your shoulders all the way up to your ears, then roll your SHOULDERS BACK and DOWN.

THIRD: With shoulders down and back and body relaxed, think of your ABDOMINAL area and lift it up, TUMMY SLIGHTLY IN.

NEXT: BREATHE! Don't hold your breath, just breathe normally.

NEXT: SOFTEN YOUR JOINTS. Locked joints (elbows, knees) do not burn fat or help your workout. Locked joints can also create injury and who needs that? Soften your knees, but make sure you're not bending forward.

FINAL STEP: Shift your weight onto your heels, so you're sort of SITTING BACK ON YOUR HEELS.

     So there you are with perfect form standing on your machine with your body back on your heels, knees soft, pelvis slightly tucked, abs lifted, shoulders down and you're not breathing like a dragon.


     Well, you aren't just going to stand in correct form on a machine, you're also going to "walk with correct form." I found walking with correct form was a much more effective way to help me change my body faster than the way I used to walk with my shoulders hunched, stomach flapping, arms swinging. Now I walk with my body lifted, shoulders relaxed, knees soft. 

     It's a lot to think about, but you'll soon get in proper form on your walk, your treadmill, elliptical, lifting weights or even on your spinning bike, which is when a lot of fitness trainers say they see some of the worst form ever. People are bent all the way over resting on handlebars, pedaling like crazy!

     The better the form and control you do with any movement, the more effective it is, especially as we age. An ab lift here, a shoulder press there will all add up to a much better workout.


      If you get your brain on board, says my fitness guru, and think about the muscles you are using while you are doing the movement, you will automatically make it even more effective. She says, think about where you are feeling the resistance. If it's under your arm, then think about underneath your arm. If it's legs, think legs.

I think you get it.

So now you can get moving and do it with PROPER FORM!


     When you're connected to your body's wisdom you'll have no problem figuring out what to eat or how to move with proper form.

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With Love & Health


The Health Coach Is In


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