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Friday, March 08, 2019
By Health Coach Is In....
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      Good morning, Dyan here (The Health Coach Is In) to share with you some of the questions I get asked about my Mastering the 'Freedom' of Intuitive Eating program.

What actually is the Intuitive Eating program about, anyways?

The Biggest Question!


     MASTER THE 'FREEDOM' OF INTUITIVE EATING is a written online program that charts a simple road map for you to become an Intuitive Eater, in just 18 days. Intuitive Eating is an amazing way of life for eating healthier and losing weight, naturally.

     FROM DAY ONE (Tapping into your true hunger) to Day 18 (The isolation trap) you will take daily action steps to learn a new way of eating that will get you to your happy ideal size, with a powerful 7-Week Bonus Series that can definitely help you get there.


How FUN it will be to wear cozy cute sweat pants at Christmas and a hot looking swimsuit on the 4th of July, year after year.... after year.


How FREE you will feel to enjoy a healthy salad for lunch and on the very same day, a cheeseburger for dinner.... and still lose weight.


How NICE it will be to (finally) melt away the stress of the constant questions: "Should I or shouldn't I eat this. And did I measure the right portions for this meal."


 Here are ANSWERS to a few of the questions you may have wondered about in becoming an Intuitive Eater:

QUESTION: How do you deal with throwing your food away when you’ve eaten just enough? Even if I save leftovers they many times go bad before I get a chance to eat them. Sometimes I feel guilty about wasting this food.

COACH: When you eat past what your body needs, you’re using your body as a garbage can. You don’t need the extra food; it’s polluting your lovely physique.

There is such an excess of food products in our culture that you just have to try and remove the guilt about leaving food on your plate. It's time to have respect for your body and halt your eating when you've had just enough.

But don't worry, once you master Intuitive Eating, you'll be serving yourself just the right portions, just right for you, so you'll never feel guilty leaving left-overs on your plate. 

QUESTION: How do I eat consciously and pay attention to my meal when I’m rushing and pressed for time?

COACH: When you’re hungry and in a time crunch it helps to select foods that you can eat within the same amount of time, like at the deli or from your fridge and pantry at home.

So when you’re eating at home, cutting up vegetables and fruit and boiling those eggs ahead of time will afford you the luxury to grab what you want, even when you’re in a rush. Just consciously pay attention to those "first 4 bites" no matter where you are or how much you’re rushing.

Paying attention to the 1st 4 bites will help you connect with your sense of satisfaction and give you the pleasure your body truly needs.

QUESTION: If I let myself eat whatever I want all I’ll eat is ‘Junk Food’.

COACH: People gravitate toward forbidden foods once they have been re-introduced. But not to worry; you won’t be drawn to these foods for long.

Soon you’ll be eating healthful foods that are custom tuned just for you and your body. You’ll be able to nurture and fuel your body with nutrition, by listening to what it really needs.

Later you’ll rarely crave any of your trigger foods that you ate during the early stages of intuitive eating. Once you let yourself have the foods you have been denying yourself, they will drastically lose their appeal. You’ll start craving something light, crisp and watery, like a nice sweet juicy peach.

QUESTION: What if your doctor says you have to eat a special diet, because your cholesterol is too high or you have diabetes? How can I be an Intuitive Eater?

COACH: Intuitive eating is about feeling good and listening to your 'whole body.' If you have a specific health condition and you eat in a way that helps this condition you will feel physically better, so it wouldn’t be about depriving yourself from the foods you cannot have.

It’s about how good you’ll feel after you eat your required foods and how wonderfully they will benefit you.

People who are on special diets to benefit their health, usually find delicious alternative foods to the one’s they must omit or limit. Foods they truly love and delight in.

You can be an Intuitive Eater with any limitations, restrictions and even food addictions. Just remember to concentrate on the wonderful foods you 'can have' and not on the ones 'you can't!'

If you have a question about the Intuitive Eating program, please don't hesitate to jump on my ASK A QUESTION page and send me an email. I'd love to hear from you and I will be 'here' to answer your questions.

 This year ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY to weight loss! 

(A program that works!)


With Love & Health


The Health Coach Is In

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