Want to live strong to 100?
Saturday, March 02, 2019
By The Health Coach Is In....
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Dyan here (The Health Coach Is In) to talk about living strong through your eighties, nineties and right up to 100!

     When you think of a 97 year old woman or man, do you think of someone frail and sickly confined to a hospital bed with feeding tubes? Or do you think of someone strong and energetic who can do wheelies on their bike?

     Most of us can't imagine living into our 90's, but according to statistics gathered by the Social Security Administration, about one out of every four 65-year-olds today will live past age 90 and one out of 10 will live past age 95.

     What this means is that this could be YOU! And if you're younger than 65 today, this could definitely be you.

     But there's a strange paradox happening in our society at large right now. The American Diet is anything but healthy and nutritious and yet modern medicine intervenes enough to keep us going longer than ever before in the history of women & mankind.

     But the question is do we want to just KEEP GOING like half-dead machines running on old batteries?

     If a lot of us are going to live to 100, how can we live with vigor and flow and joy and ease in our bodies and smiles on our faces?


     To CHANGE OUR HABITS into positive, healthy, energy-enhancing, life-giving ones, instead of habits that drain our energy and deplete our reserves.

     If we eat lean proteins, healthy fiber and quality cure-oil fats, exercise and move are body's everyday and stop our negative thoughts, (because we're NOT lacking in any area), then we won't have to spend money at hospitals.

     There are a ton of women and men in their 90's who have practiced the simple, clean and healthy life (some started at 35 and some at 65) and they have never been in a hospital or taken any medicines. It's possible to begin your healthy path at any age!


     Don't say you'll start cleaning up your diet and start creating new healthy daily habits tomorrow, because you know tomorrow never comes. Instead start today by respecting where your body is at and how healthy it wants to be!

     So keep your NERVES CALM, your MUSCLES TONED, your BODY LIMBER, your MIND CLEAR, your HEART beating STRONG, your LYMPH system FLOWING and your SPIRIT GLOWING.

     Nothing Is Impossible!

     Whatever you want to do in life, just tune into YOURSELF and you'll know that within you is the beginning to a vibrant, healthy, strong and happy life!


What are all the wellness habits keeping YOU going until you're 100! Write to me...

With Love & Light


The Health Coach Is In

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