What did our health look like 10,000 YEARS AGO?
Tuesday, June 25, 2019
By Health Coach Is In....
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     There wasn't any obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and many other diseases we experience today, and our body mass index (BMI) was below 25.


     Because if we wanted to get somewhere we had to walk, run or paddle a canoe. If we wanted to eat we had to hunt and gather our food, hike into the forest to find our vegetables and berries or grasses and grains. Cooking meant carrying water, gathering wood and building a fire.

     We could eat whatever we could get our hands on and never gain weight, because we were energized beings burning calories day and night.... except when we couldn't find food.

     Getting enough food, back then, could be a real struggle. So our 10,000 year old biological bodies learned to conserve calories and store fat for those times when it was hard to find food. Our bodies virtually became an unlimited store house of fat and calories to keep us alive.


Today getting enough food takes no effort at all!

Says, Dr Wayne S. Andersen.

     We drive to the supermarket, throw bags in our cart, roll the cart to our car and drive home. Or when we hunt and gather at our favorite fast food restaurant. We pull up to the drive-thru and roll down our window. Place our order, drive to the pick-up window and get our supersize hamburger, fries and shake. Then in 10 minutes it's eaten all up.

     Calories consumed versus calories used are way out of whack in our 21st Century. Today we're surrounded by LARGER SIZES and more calories than any time in history and we're more SEDENTARY than any time in history.

     No wonder over two-thirds of Americans take in more calories than they can ever use. We're living in the land of abundant and physical ease with a body that still stores fat and calories to keep us alive!

     It's not our fault, says Dr Andersen that we live in an era where the food industry offers tasty, cheap products that are addictive and plenty, with a lifestyle (where most of us) sit in a chair at our desk and lay around on the couch watching TV.

     So our 10,000 year old body must find a way to live in a modern world of over abundant, addictive unhealthy foods with little time to use it up and burn it off!

But don't be discouraged; because here's the thing....

      We don't have to forge for our food any more and we don't have to hike for hours to find our berries. We can drive to a grocery store, the corner organic cafe or the nearest farmer's market and select the healthiest of meats, the healthiest of poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fats, grains and sweets that give us energy and satisfaction.

     We have the choice to step out of our car and walk, jog, bike, rollerblade or skateboard to our destinations. We can run up and down stairs wherever we are and we can exercise, play sports and play with our kids whenever we want to.

     And all we really have to do is pass up on the modern junky processed foods and keep our body moving (every day) and we will leave a small carbon footprint behind from the healthy body we still have from 10,000 years ago.

With Love & Health


The Health Coach Is In


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