I am a Certified Nutrition Educator from Bauman College, CA. And a Certified Holistic Health Coach trained in Transfor-mational Health Coaching and I have 22 years experience in Health and Wellness Resort Spas throughout Northern California.

IN MY WORLD balanced and calm are necessities and striving for that 'inner peace' a total must! I have a passion for balancing the (inner) lives of other people and helping them find greater health by tapping into their body's INTUITION.

MY SUPER POWER is my ability to write an effective Intuitive Eating program for people who just want to get to it, and learn how to do it. I went through this journey with food and I know how INTUITIVE EATING can completely change your life!   

I LOVE OLIVE OIL, homemade chicken soup, Swedish and Shiatsu massage and hiking in the Redwoods. I love seeing people transform with my programs and witnessing my own transformations.

BUT WHAT I LOVE MOST OF ALL, is that I get to give back and help a ton of wonderful, amazing people feel nourished, healthy and 'oh so' awesomely well, again!

YOUR HEALTH and happiness truly mean so much to me, because I know (only too well) what it's like to struggle with weight and how defeating it can be to overcome the gain and lose battle. 

I am here to tell you that it can be different, so please start this program today, 18-Days To Master The Freedom Of Intuitive Eating and give YOU the best body and best life, EVER!